Latest additions to the site

4 June 2017:

Hampton Court filming location guide updated, to take account of entrance prices for the 2017 season.

29 March 2016:

Hampton Court filming location guide updated, to take account of entrance prices for the 2016 season.

13 May 2015:

Hampton Court filming location guide updated, to take account of entrance prices for the 2015 season.

23 August 2014:

An illustrated guide to a new location discovery from Gone to the Angels added.

22 April 2014:

Details of the Hampton Court filming location guide updated, to take account of entrance prices for the 2014 season.

31 January 2014:

Google Custom Search (offering a combined search of the Survivors: Mad Dog, and Survivors: A World Away sites, the Survivors: a World Away blog and the Survivors new series blog) enabled across the site.

22 September 2013:

Details of the discovery of a new filming location from Corn Dolly added, alongisde details of the forthcoming new Survivors audio adventures from Big Finish.

21 May 2013:

Hampton Court interior filming locations guide updated.

06 April 2013:

Details of fantastic new location finds from first series' episodes Genesis (including the site of Arthur Wormley headquarters) and Gone Away (including the whereabouts of the abandoned farm visited by Tom Price) added.

07 October 2012:

Survivors: The Basics Survivors on satellite & cable TV page updated with some new illustrations.

23 September 2012:

New Survivors: A World Away blog, launched - providing news and updates on all aspects of the original three series of Survivors - DVD releases, new publications, appearances by key cast members, conventions and other events. Visitors can share updates from the blog (via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other services), grab an RSS feed, and comment on all blog posts.

23 June 2012:

More photos added to the Hampton Court interior filming locations guide. The End of the World? book page updated, with confirmation of the title's out-of-print status and news of an announcement later in 2013 of plans for an updated edition.

21 June 2012:

Photos from the 2011 Memorabilia event, which featured appearances by five Survivors actors added.

14 August 2011:

The guide to the filming locations at Hampton Court extended to cover the stone staircase, first floor landing and the newly opened Awkright Court now accessible as part of the official tour.

18 July 2011:

Review of Alwyn W Turner's The Man Who Invented the Daleks: The Strange Worlds of Terry Nation added.

03 May 2011:

New Goofs and Gaffes entries added for The Fourth Horseman and Corn Dolly.

14 February 2011:

Long-overdue brief guide to the DD Video 2003 re-release of Survivors first series on VHS video added to Survivors: The Basics.

29 January 2011:

The Survivors: The Basics Survivors novelisations entry updated with cover pictures of the US and Italian editions.

15 January 2011:

New behind the scenes photos from the recording of The Future Hour and Something of Value added.

06 September 2010:

Details of a new book on the work of Terry Nation; and an interview with author Alywn W Turner added. A guide to the newly accessible interview Survivors locations at Hampton Court published; and a brief appreciation of Survivors director Pennant Roberts also added. News of the Region 1 DVD box set release of Survivors included in updated comparative guide to Survivors' availability on DVD (on .pdf).

09 May 2010:

An illustrated guide to new location finds from first series episode Genesis and third series episode The Last Laugh added.

31 May 2009:

Italian DVD page updated, with illustrated details of the release of series two and series three on the Yamato DVD label.

01 March 2009:

The Survivors the basics: novelisations page updated, with details of the 2008 Orion edition of Terry Nation's 1976 Survivors novelisation.

28 February 2009:

Italian DVD page updated, with full-colour promo sheet for the upcoming series one DVD release on the Yamato DVD label.

01 January 2009:

Details of the new 2|entertain three-series Survivors DVD boxset, and two Italian DVD Survivors releases have been added; along with a .pdf table comparing the DD Video, DD Home Entertainment and 2|entertain releases. As the chart explains: "Each release has its own different artwork, packaging and promotional presentation. The focus here is on recording differences in content - for comparative purposes."

05 October 2008:

DVD news page updated, with details of the 2-entertain release of a three-series Survivors DVD box-set in November 2008, and the rescheduling of the Italian series one DVD release for 2009.

05 August 2008:

Posts from the new Survivorsbbctv blog, documenting the progress of the Survivors remake have been incorporated into the site.

19 May 2008:

The latest posts from the Yahoo Groups survivorstvseries discussion list incorporated into S:AWA.

07 April 2008:

News of the forthcoming Italian series one DVD release updated.

23 March 2008:

News of the publication of the Survivors feature in SciFiNow magazine updated.

28 February 2008:

News of the launch of a new series blog added.

18 February 2008:

Illustrated transcript of Derek Moody Survivors specialist subject round appearance on Mastermind; and news of a Survivors feature in SciFiNow magazine added.

22 November 2007:

News of the BBC's confirmation that a new series of Survivors is being made by BBC Drama Production added.

18 November 2007:

General housekeeping tidy-up and updates to news about DDHE and upcoming DVD releases pages.

14 October 2007:

Interview with Survivors Sovereign video sleeve illustrator Pete Wallbank added.

12 August 2007:

News of the collapse of the Survivors DVD label DDHE added.

14 April 2007:

New How to annoy a Survivors fan feature added.

19 February 2007:

News page on forthcoming Italian DVD release of Survivors series one updated.

04 February 2007:

Interview with Roger Monk; and a review of the Cult of... Survivors added. New section on upcoming 2007 DVD releases in the UK and Italy added.

04 November 2006:

News of BBC4's forthcoming Cult of... Survivors documentary added.

24 September 2006:

New Survivors: The Basics section added providing an introduction to the programme, its core themes and leading characters; an episode guide; the history of the programme on satellite and cable TV, VHS and DVD; Survivors tie-in novelisations; 'Making of' and guidebooks; fan publications and more besides.

21 August 2006:

Dreamwatch coverage of the proposed Survivors revival by the BBC added.

15 August 2006:

News on the possible revival of Survivors by the BBC updated, with SFX coverage of the story.

11 July 2006:

News of a possible revival of Survivors by the BBC added.

01 April 2006:

Interview with Survivors script writer Don Shaw added.

28 January 2006:

RSS feed from the Survivorstvseries Yahoo! Groups list; and news of a new chapter-length study of the meaning and politics of Survivors added.

14 January 2006:

Details of the publication of new Survivors book The End of the World? updated.

04 November 2005:

Full-page series three DVD advert from SFX December 2005 added.

26 October 2005:

Survivors series three DVD page updated; new Survivors book The End of the World? page added; new locations finds from Genesis added.

28 August 2005:

Details of Survivors' showing in the SFX 'Best of British' poll added

13 August 2005:

Survivors series three DVD studio day photo gallery added.

17 July 2005:

New series one goof added

11 July 2005:

News of the forthcoming release of Survivors series three and new series one goof added.

26 March 2005:

News of a new Survivors book to be published by Telos Publishing in autumn 2005 added

17 October 2004:

New series 2 DVD studio day gallery added.

04 October 2004:

Series two DVD ad from Dreamwatch, November 2004 added.

29 September 2004:

New print advert for the series two DVD set, from the November 2004 SFX magazine, added; Action TV article page updated.

27 September 2004:

Details of Survivors at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television added, along with more Season two DVD adverts and a retrospective on the Series one DVD ad campaign.

02 September 2004:

First print advert for the series two DVD set, from the October 2004 SFX magazine, added.

01 September 2004:

Series two DVD information updated.

30 August 2004:

An interview with Jonathan Bignell co-author of the new study of Terry Nation's scriptwriting work added.

11 August 2004:

Four new Goofs and Gaffes added: one each from Starvation, Spoil of War, The Future Hour and Something of Value.



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