Charles flees the barn

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once again,
runs from
the safety
of the barn

Charles flees the barn

"A Mr Fenton? He lives round here"
Charles to young girl


Coming-to in the barn, Charles sees a young girl standing motionless in front of him. Gently, he asks the girl if she knows the whereabouts of Fenton's house. Without speaking, the girl runs off to raise the alarm. Charles burst through the barn door and rushes off in the direction of the foot bridge, clutching his wound.

The footbridge in
Monsal Dale

The scene in July 2005

July 2005


Description: The path down to the footbridge begins at the roadway, turning sharp right in front of the barn. Crossing the footbridge and swinging left, the path continues underneath the arches of the viaduct. The present footbridge is a post-1977 replacement. In the episode Charles is seen to emerge from the barn and make his way towards the bridge in a single sweep shot.

Where is it?: The barn and footbridge are in Monsal valley between the roadway and the viaduct. It is possible to reach the bridge either by walking down the public footpath from the road, or via the steep wooded footpath the leads from Monsal Head into the valley.

Where's the best vantage point?: It is straightforward to replicate the position of the camera crew and recreate the shot as it was filmed

What about access?: The bridge and footpath are both open to public access, but the barn and adjacent house are private property.

Anything else?: In the episode, Charles is seen to approach the bridge, but not actually to cross it. Before the first bridge was constructed, a series of stepping stones provided the only means across. This bridge is not the same as the one under which Charles subsequently hides.  

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