Charles wades out

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Charles seeks
the bridge

Charles wades out into the water in the hopeof evading the approaching dogs

"Soon have every sheep between here and Buxton"
Fenton to Charles


As the dogs close in, Charles wades out into the river, hiding under the bridge supports and drawing a knife to protect himself as the dogs test the water.

The scene
as viewed
from the
water's edge

The scene in April 1999

April 1999


Description: The bridge beneath which Charles hides is located right in the heart of the Monsal valley, near the only crossroads junction.

Where is it?: The road which runs down from the junction, between Dean Cottage (Fenton's house) on one side and Upperdale Farm (Jim and Sanders' place) on the other, leads over the bridge and to the far bank. The bridge can also be reached from the top of the Monsal viaduct, by following a short section of the 'Monsal Trail' (the path that leads along the viaduct top) away from the sealed tunnel entrance. Follow the path until it passes the site of the old Monsal Railway station (a spot now marked by an unattractive brick shed). Immediately behind the shed, pass through the gap between the wall and the gate. Turn right onto a rocky stone track (signposted for Upperdale) and walk downhill, underneath another bridgeway, to arrive at the bridge from the opposite riverbank.

Where's the best vantage point?: The sequence is filmed from the water's edge close to the bridge, panning round from the previous shot of Charles' approach.

What about access?: The bridge is part of the public highway, and so is fully accessible (although a watch must be kept for occasional vehicles). With care, it is possible to walk down to the river's edge to assume the original camera position.

Anything else?: As with all the Monsal sites, numerous other locations are nearby including the road along which Charles cycles, and the shed in which Charles tends to his wound. As with the viaduct top, the bridge itself is a popular tourist spot, and can be a very busy area at "peak times". During quieter periods it is a stunningly beautiful and restful setting.

In the icy chill of January 1977, the river water must have been extremely cold.  

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