Charles’ injury worsens

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As the pain
Charles seeks
to tend
the wound

The wall gives way as the ailing Charles leans too heavily on it

"You don't want to end up like him."
Sanders to Charles


Desperate to tend to his gunshot wound, Charles seeks temporary sanctuary. Weakening with the pain and blood loss, Charles approaches a disused and near derelict barn. As he makes his way around the drystone wall surrounding the barn, a section of it collapses beneath him.

The scene
as viewed
from the

The scene in August 2004

August 2004

The scene
in the

The scene in January 2002

January 2002


Description: The barn in which Charles tends to his gunshot wound is situated in the middle of Monsal Dale on the only crossroads in the Monsal section of the valley.

Where is it?: The barn is located on the crossroads, just across from 'Fenton's house; diagonally opposite Sanders' and Jim's residence; and at the end of the roadway along which Charles cycles and suffers his puncture.

Where's the best vantage point?: The shot is taken from the road which passes along the front of the barns. In 1977, the wall behind which the camera was positioned appears to have been a great deal lower than it is today — judging by the angles involved. This may well have been a consequence of the general level of disrepair of the site — to which Denis Lill contributes!

What about access?: Great care must be taken when photographing from the roadway — vehicles approaching from either direction have very limited visibility as they approach the crossroads.

Anything else?: In 1977, these twin barns (and the drystone wall around them) were in a very poor state of disrepair. Since then, they have been completely renovated and the walls and driveway rebuilt. As with all the Monsal sites, numerous other locations are nearby.

During the Mad Dog 2003 location trip in April, fans were able to confirm that the interior of the barn was used to film the sequence where Charles tends to his gunshot wound.  

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