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This site has no connection with the BBC, BBC Worldwide, DD Video, DD Home Entertainment, the estate of Terry Nation, Sovereign Video, UK Gold or any other commercial or private concern.

The website is designed and written by Rich Cross, who can be contacted here.

All of the screen-captures used as illustrations on this website are the BBC and BBC Worldwide. They are displayed here for the non-profit enjoyment of fans of the show only, and no infringement of copyright is intended.

The shooting locations for the episode documented here were identified and confirmed through the individual and collective efforts of a number of Survivors fans, including: Chris Barker, Steve Brailsford, Adrian Hulme, Bob Meade, Andy Priestner, Marisa Priestner, Lynne Sweetman, and the attendees of the various Mad Dog location visits that have been organised since 1998.

The creator of this website makes no claim whatever to have 'discovered' the locations documented here. would be delighted to add names to the list of those who have discovered shooting locations, and has no desire to exclude anyone from the list of those responsible! would like to express particular thanks to the following fans for their encouragement and support:

For their willingness to be interviewed and for sharing their memories of the making of Mad Dog huge thanks go to: director Tristan de Vere Cole, script writer Don Shaw, and actors Denis Lill and Morris Perry.

Chris Barker: For organising Mad Dog trips, for publishing the earliest web guides to the Monsal and Ilam locations, and for making available original photographs.

Mr James Burton, at Ilam Tops Farm: For providing us with access to the filming location on his farm during Mad Dog 2003.

Adrian Hulme: For organising Mad Dog trips, for shooting and then making available videos of those visits; for providing the vast majority of the screen captures used here; for his encouragement and tireless enthusiasm for Survivors location visits; for supplying so many photographs and original Survivors materials on CD, and for assisting with so many different Survivors' projects.

Mr and Mrs Isherwood, at Dean Cottage: For being such accommodating hosts during our visit to their house during Mad Dog 2003.

Mr Jackson, at Riversdale Farm: For his good humour in agreeing to repeated visits to his garden and courtyard by Survivors fans most recently during Mad Dog 2003.

Bob Meade: For his relentless Survivors location work.

Andy Priestner: For help with screen grabs, continual encouragement and unparalled research assistance!

Chris Skeats: For putting up with being dragged on fruitless (if entertaining) location scouts; and for providing unrivalled logistical support for Mad Dog 2003.

The staff at the Eyam Plague Museum, for assistance with research on the plague and for providing the kicking-off point for the 2003 Mad Dog location trip.

Lynne Sweetman: For providing access to Denis Lill's photographs of the shoot; for supplying original photographs of her own; and for sharing her correspondence with Mad Dog cast and crew members.

Mr and Mrs Wain, at Air Cottage: For their continuing help, hospitality and generosity towards Survivors fans most recently in evidence during Mad Dog 2003.  

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