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The riders check once again

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check the
once again

The riders return to the farm, looking for Charles

"I'd try down by the quarry, or the caves"
Ellen to Sanders


Sanders, Jim and Phil return to the farm, still looking for the fugitive Charles. Ellen denies that they have seen anyone, and suggests they look elsewhere. When Sanders warns Ron that Charles' disease could kill them both, Ron's face betrays his sudden doubt about keeping their visitor a secret.

at Ilam Tops

The scene in April 2003

April 2003


Description: Ilam Tops Farm is the filming location used for both the 'interiors' and 'exteriors' of Ellen and Ron's farm located just outside the village of Ilam in Derbyshire.

Where is it?: Ilam Tops Farm is reached by an unsurfaced track leading off the road between Ilam and Alstonfield. The entrance to the track (which begins with a cattlegrid) is located on the right hand side near the brow of the first hill after leaving Ilam. The track passes by Ilam Tops Farm before reaching Air Cottage a little further on.

Where's the best vantage point?: The shot is taken looking out from the farmyard towards the fields in front of Ilam Tops Farm on private land.

What about access?: Ilam Tops Farm is a private residence. Under no circumstances should fans trespass on the farm grounds. It is possible to view all of the 'exterior' sequences shot around the farm from the public footpath.

There are public footpaths criss-crossing the area around Ilam and Dovedale, but these should always be checked closely to avoid trespassing on private land. It is advisable to carry an OS map of the area when visiting these locations.

Anything else?: The farm dogs at Ilam Tops Farm can be both fierce and noisy but are always chained up on the premises!

There is no approved parking space at or close to Ilam Tops Farm. The very limited parking at Air Cottage is private, and prior permission should be sought before making use of it. Alternatively, park in Ilam and approach the area on foot. The walk from the centre of Ilam is a fairly steep 30-40 minute climb - either by following the road uphill or (for those comfortable using OS maps) taking one of the footpaths up over the fields.

This private interior location was viewed, for the first time during an organised Survivors location trip, during 'Mad Dog 2003' in April. Photographs of the farmyard are reproduced here with the kind permission of Mr James Burton, of Ilam Tops Farm.  

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