Approaching Fenton's House

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his pursuers

Approaching Fenton's house

"Tell me where you live!"
Charles to Fenton


Hiding in the trees as Sanders' gang passes below, Charles overhears them reveal that the house below is Fenton's home and the place where Fenton' records are kept. Once the coast is clear, Charles descends to the roadway and approaches the house.


The scene in December 2002

December 2002


Description: 'Fenton house' is a private residence in the heart of the Monsal valley much renovated in the years since 1977, named Dean Cottage.

Where is it?: The house is clearly visible from the public roadway, and is situated between the crossroads in the centre of the valley and the small parking area in the valley floor.

Where's the best vantage point?: Care must be exercised when photographing in the area, as the house is a private residence. It is possible to take non-intrusive pictures from the roadway that replicate Charles' approach.

What about access?: Fans should not trespass in any way on the driveway or grounds of the house.

Anything else?: During Mad Dog 2003 it was confirmed that the scenes set in the interior of Fenton's house during which Charles raids Fenton's larder and searches for his notebooks were filmed at Dean Cottage, see here. Numerous other Monsal locations are nearby including the bridge beneath which Charles hides; the roof which Sanders and Jim are repairing; the roadway along which Charles cycles and many others.  

Mad Dog > Locations > Derbyshire > Monsal Dale > Fenton's House 

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