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Searching for help

"What's he sick with?"
Sanders to Charles


Having tied-up the feverish Fenton, Charles sets off in search of help both medical assistance and directions to Fenton's lodgings where the notes Charles wants so desperately to see are kept.

The route
of Charles'
horse ride
in Monsal

The scene in May 1999

May 1999


Description: The two barns between which Charles rides are in the grounds of the Upperdale House Bed & Breakfast hotel in the heart of Monsal Dale. The lean-to roof on which Sanders and Jim are working is just to the right of this shot.

Where is it?: The hotel is situation at the junction of the only crossroads in the centre of the valley.

Where's the best vantage point?: While the area can be viewed from the public roadway above, and at a distance from the roadway to the side, Upperdale Farm itself is private property.

What about access?: The proprieters of Upperdale House have been willing, in the past, to grant brief access to small groups of fans wishing to view the area who have knocked at the door of the main house.

Anything else?: Fenton's house; the bridge under which Charles evades his hunters; the house from which Charles takes the bike; the lane along which he suffers his puncture and the barn in which Charles tends his wound are all very close by. Upperdale House offers both B&B and self-catering accommodation. Telephone 01629 640536 for details. In 2000, the area through which Charles rides once again became a run for chickens and a low fence now crosses the scene.  

Mad Dog > Locations > Derbyshire > Monsal Dale > Lean-to  

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