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Charles emerges from the station house

"I'll write to head office and thank them!"
Charles to the train driver


Charles emerges from the station house, rested and much recovered. Thanking his hosts for their kindness, he prepares to journey south by steam out of the area, and back to the safety of the Walters' farm. Though still nursing his injuries, Charles is visibly stronger, and his reserves appear replenished.

Platform 1,
Hampton Loade
on the
Severn Valley
rail line

The scene in September 2001

September 2001


Description: The doorway from which Charles emerges, and thanks Alfreda for her hospitality, is on platform 2 of Hampton Loade station. Hampton Loade is on the Severn Valley steam rail line, which runs between Kidderminster (at its southern end) to Bridgnorth (at its northern terminus).

Where is it?: The station is a regular calling point for train services travelling in both directions along the line. For a map of the Severn Valley railway click here. Although it is possible to reach the station by road, it is both easier and more 'atmospheric' to travel and from the area by rail. Services run throughout most of the year, but vary in frequency depending on the season, and are most extensive at weekends, and during the summer months. For up-to-date timetable information, click here.

Where's the best vantage point?: Photographs can be taken from all points on both platforms at the station.

What about access?: The Severn Valley Railway positively encourages all visitors to the line, and there are no restrictions on photography from the station platforms.

Anything else?: Since Mad Dog was filmed in 1977, the 'up' and 'down' lines, and the numbering of Platforms 1 and 2, have been switched so that trains approach and leave the station from the opposite direction. A wooden walkway over the railways allows passengers to cross between platforms. There is a small rail memorabilia and bookshop (housed in an adapted rail carriage) and a takeaway snack bar on Platform Two, although the opening hours of both are limited. There are regular events and 'theme' days at the station, organised by and for steam enthusiasts.

For more information about other locations along the Severn Valley rail line used in the filming of Survivors, click here.  

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