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Mad Dog is not only a great Survivors episode (possibly the very best in the series' three-year run), it's also a superb piece of dramatic television.

It's an episode which manages perfectly to capture the grim, feral nature of the third series with its pessimistic talk of rabies and disease, and images of a grubby, feudal society. It's exciting stuff too, with Charles well and truly put through the wringer as he flees from Sanders and his men, 'baddies' who are doing nothing more than protecting their own interests in a world of terrible predators.

Dennis Lill (the only regular to appear in the episode) is in top form and Morris Perry turns in a superb performance as the doomed Fenton. Tristan de Vere Cole's direction is stunning and the appalling weather conditions only add to the sense of emptiness engendered by the marvellous rural locations. Possibly the last great episode of Survivors.


An extract from an episode review by Paul Mount, in Kevin Marshall (ed), The Making of Terry Nation's Survivors, (Kevin P Marshall, 1995), p186.


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