Charles flees the three riders

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close in on

A view of the rocky outcrop as the chase unfolds

'It's alright — he hasn't got it…'
Ellen to Sanders


Fleeing on horseback from the safety of Ellen's barn, Charles is pursued by three riders — whose search for the mysterious 'rabies carrier' has continued unabated in the days Charles has recuperated in Ellen's care. His path takes him along the edge of a spectacular rocky outcrop.

The outcrop
in Monsal Dale
— in

The scene in May 1999

May 1999

The outcrop
in Monsal Dale
— in
winter, with
the viaduct
railing visible

The scene in January 2002

January 2002


Description: This cliff edge and rocky outcrop is visible from almost all points in the Monsal valley.

Where is it?: This stunning vista is located at the Monsal Head end of the Monsal valley, not far from the Monsal Hotel and the short stay car park — the B6465 passes by fairly close to the edge of the precipice. The best vantage points are from within the valley itself.

Where's the best vantage point?: This distance shot of the four riders was filmed from the top of the Monsal Viaduct, looking back towards Monsal Head. Shot from such a distance, it is not straightforward to identify the exact spot on the viaduct top in which Tristan de Vere Cole's camera was positioned, but the general location is not in doubt.

What about access?: The viaduct is open to the public and there are no photographic restrictions. Climbing down from Monsal head to the viaduct, and from the viaduct top to the valley floor, can be treacherous and particularly hard going when the weather is poor.

Anything else?: This shot is one of the most memorable from the entire programme. Making brilliant use of the available locations — and with a subtle use of wind noise on the soundtrack — the sequence captures, in just a few seconds of screen time, the relentlessness of Sanders' gang; the harshness of the landscape; and Charles' utter isolation as he flees his pursuers.

This latest phase of the chase, which began in locations around Ilam Tops Farm, here switches back to a location in Monsal Dale. Earlier in the episode it is implied that the weir in Monsal Dale is in the floor of the valley next to Fenton's half-way house (Air Cottage, near Ilam). Here again, the programme makers cut together sequences filmed in locations many miles apart.  

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