Charles arrives

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in the
winter air
in the snow

Charles arrives in the valley

"There are things worse than The Death"
Fenton to Charles


In search of the errant Tom Walter, Charles Vaughan arrives in a wintry Derbyshire valley, on horseback and alone.

out from
the top of
the Monsal
over the

The scene in August 2004

August 2004


Description: The stunning vista of Monsal Dale provides the opening shot of the episode. The sequence is filmed from the top of the Monsal viaduct, gradually zooming in on the whistling figure of Charles Vaughan in the valley below. The line of trees and the stone wall beside which Charles rides are no longer in evidence

Where is it?: The viaduct top is accessible from this signed footpath leading down from Monsal Head, and also via a steep pathway from the valley floor. It can also be reached along the footpath adjacent to the barn in which Charles is discovered by the young girl.

Where's the best vantage point?: With care, it is possible to stand on the viaduct wall, safely behind the railings, to replicate the shot.

What about access?: The viaduct is open to the public and there are no photographic restrictions. However, each of the possible routes to the viaduct top involves steep climbs, and the pathways need to be traversed with care.

Anything else?: Of all the locations in Monsal Dale, the top of the viaduct is the most popular with tourists for obvious reasons. The viaduct is at its emptiest during weekdays, in the early morning and early evening, and "out of season". The birds-eye shot of Charles tumbling from his horse is filmed slightly further along the viaduct top.  

Mad Dog > Locations > Derbyshire > Monsal Dale > Viaduct 

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