Planning to tackle Fenton

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Having fled
from Fenton,
the group
catch their
as Sanders

The group shelter by the safety of the riverside

"We're safe here he won't come near water"


Threatened the now aggressively-rabid Fenton at his half-way house, Sanders, Jim and Charles flee to the relative safety of the riverside. Sanders takes charge, and with Charles' collecting water to subdue the hydro-phobic Fenton the group plan their return to the house to tackle him.

The weir in
Monsal Dale

The scene in October 2002

October 2002


Description: The sequence in which the group flee the half-way house, charging down the hillside and coming to a halt by the top of the weir, is filmed as one continuous segment.

Where is it?: The weir is in the heart of the Monsal valley, about 5-10 minutes walk from the base of the viaduct along the bank of the river.

Where's the best vantage point?: It is straightforward to replicate the position of the camera crew and recreate the shot as it was filmed.

What about access?: Access is free and unlimited. There are no restrictions on photography.

Anything else?: The weir is first seen earlier in the episode, when Charles collects water for the feverish Fenton after their night at his half-way house. Charles collects water from the far side of the water fall on a stone platform a few feet from this location. Although in the episode the locations are adjacent, in reality Fenton's half-way house is many miles away, near the village of Ilam.  

Mad Dog > Locations > Derbyshire > Monsal Dale > Weir  

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