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Hampton Loade station as it appears in The Incredible Robert Baldick

The railway locations used to stage the closing sequences for Mad Dog were also made use of some five years previously by another BBC production and one scripted by Survivors' creator Terry Nation.

Broadcast on 2 October 1972, just after 9.25pm, and was watched by an audience of some 6.6m, The Incredible Robert Baldick was a supernatural thriller, focusing on the talents of the fictional Victorian gentleman sleuth Robert Baldick. The programme starred renowned British actor Robert Hardy in the role of the titular hero.

The Incredible Robert Baldick was broadcast in the 'Drama Playhouse' strand, which was intended to showcase possible 'pilot' episodes for new series. Prior to beginning work on Survivors, Nation had hoped that the initial Robert Baldick story 'Never Come Night' would be sufficiently successful for a full series of adventures to be commissioned. Despite a generally positive critical reception, the BBC finally decided, in February 1973, not to commission any further installments of The Incredible Robert Baldick. 'Never Come Night' was, however, repeated on BBC2 on 22 February 1974. By this time, Nation was hard at work on a new series for which he had been given the go-ahead Survivors.

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