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Less talkative than Sanders, Jim is no less suspicious of the stranger who arrives seeking help and he is equally wary of Charles' apparent motives. Like Sanders, Jim is willing to offer aid to his ailing neighbour, once Fenton's plight has been revealed. His is dismissive of Charles' attempts at bribery the offer of the latest NATO-issue rifles seeing him as an outsider who does not understand the sense of obligation that local people feel for one another, and their determination to look out only for those they consider to be their kith and kin.

Although he leaves the explanation to Sanders, Jim is also convinced of the necessity to halt the rabies outbreak by whatever means are necessary. Sanders shoots first, but it is Jim who fires the fatal shot that kills Fenton.

While he is prepared to let Sanders take the lead, he is more than confident enough to offer his own suggestions as to how the chase should proceed. In the pursuit which follows, Jim is as relentless as Sanders, and just as convinced of the need to hunt Charles down to protect the farms and settlements in the area...


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