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A young man with a marked degree of mental impairment, Ron has the good fortune to live in the company of the capable and compassionate Ellen. Outside of her care, Ron would struggle as a survivor — many would have less patience with someone who, in the isolation of these rural settlements, might frequently be an unrewarding companion.

As Ron happens upon the collapsed figure lying prone in the snow outside his and Ellen's farm, he seems initially to think that Charles might be play acting, until concern overtakes him and he flees in the direction of the farm — perhaps remembering the lessons that Ellen has instilled in him.

Impressionable and unpredictable — Sanders' warning about the danger this stranger poses, that he has a "bad disease", is enough to unsettle and confuse Ron. He betrays Charles' whereabouts to Sanders' gang who race back to the farm to capture the "rabid" fugitive, running alongside the horsemen as if it were a game.

Doubtless Ellen will have quickly forgiven Ron for his unintended betrayal of Charles — her anger tempered by the recognition of Ron's lack of awareness and by confirmation of Charles' escape…


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