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The hut on the viaduct

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and Fenton
seek shelter
to cook

Charles and Fenton seek shelter to cook the rabbit meat

"Are you a doctor?"
Charles to Fenton


Needing to 'get rid of' the meat, Charles and Fenton shelter from the cold in a wooden hut on top of the viaduct lighting the wood stove to cook, and sharing their very different views of the post-Death world.

and Fenton
cook rabbit
and debate
the future

Charles and Fenton dine on rabbit in the wooden hut

"Yes, actually I am"
Fenton to Charles


Description: The wooden hut, with its woodstove, has been removed since filming for Mad Dog took place in 1977. The hut was clearly not a temporary set the foundations on which the hut rested are still discernable beneath the overgrowth, but the hut site is now on the far side of the fence running along that section of the viaduct.

Where was it?: The hut was situated near the tunnel mouth on the top of the viaduct at Monsal Dale in Derbyshire see here.  

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