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The steam rail sidings

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spots a
last chance
of escape

Charles chances upon a steam train, and a final chance of escape

"That chap said the same, didn't he?"
Driver to Terry


Almost to weak to go on, Charles is amazed to stumble across a railway line and a steam engine taking on coal. Uncertain as to the sympathies of the train crew, but desperate for one last chance to escape, he sneaks aboard and passes out his energies completely exhausted.

on coal
from the

Taking on coal from the trackside

"'Get a national network going'"
Driver to Terry


Charles scrambles aboard and passes out

"'Steam for Survival', he said"
Driver to Charles


Description: This section of the Severn Valley steam rail line was a set of sidings close to Hampton Loade station see here which have since been removed.

Where was it?: The sidings have seen been redeveloped as a picnic area, and were located very nearby to what is now the Country Park Halt see here.  

Mad Dog > Locations > Lost

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