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Inside ‘Fenton’s house’

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Charles enters Fenton's house

"Today — Gregory. An idiot..."


With Sanders' gang searching elsewhere, Charles cautiously approaches Fenton's house — hopeful that he will be able to locate the dead man's precious notes. Finding bread in the kitchen to stave off his hunger, Charles quickly locates a notebook in a bookshelf close to the fireplace, and sits down to read Fenton's account of his meeting with Greg Preston.


The living room of Fenton's house

"...another missionary..."

the shelves

Charles searches the shelves for Fenton's notes

"rushing headlong through the centuries"


Description: Dean Cottage in Monsal Dale, Derbyshire, served as the filming location for both the 'interior' and 'exterior' sequences at 'Fenton's house'. For images from the exterior filming close to the Cottage, see here.

Where is it?: Dean Cottage is situated in the heart of Monsal Dale in Derbyshire. The residence is clearly visible from the public roadway, and is situated between the crossroads in the centre of the valley and the small parking area in the valley floor.

What's the evidence?: The interior of Dean Cottage was viewed and photographed by fans during the Mad Dog 2003 location trip — when access to the property was generously provided by the current residents — and its use as the filming location for the interiors of 'Fenton's house' was confirmed.

Why no pictures?: Fans have agreed that no photographs of privately-owned interior locations used during the filming of Mad Dog should be published without the express permission of the owners concerned — which, in this case, has not been sought.  

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