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Inside ‘Charles’ barn’

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that he
has not
been seen

Charles checks that he has not been seen

"I'm looking for a friend"
Charles to young girl


Finding shelter in an empty barn, Charles checks that he has not been spotted by his pursuers. Able to relax for a moment, he slides to the floor of the barn and passes out. Coming to, he sees the figure of a young girl standing over him. Gently, he asks her if she knows the location of 'Mr Fenton's house'. Silent, the girl runs off towards the main house, and Charles is forced to flee once more.

— to find
that he
is being

Charles wakens to find that he is being watched

"His name's Richard Fenton"
Charles to young girl

The girl
runs off
to raise
the alarm

Fenton is discovered, and his condition revealed

"He lives round here"
Charles to young girl


Description: The barn in which Charles hides is located at Netherdale Farm in Monsal Dale. The exteriors of this location are visible from the public footpath which passes right outside the property. The interior of the barn has never been viewed by Survivors fans.

Where is it?: Netherdale Farm is situated in the heart of Monsal Dale. The public footpath which passes along two sides of Netherdale Farm runs from the roadway, past the Farm and over the footbridge before winding leftwards under the viaduct. The second branch of the footpath runs down steeply from the Monsal head passing by the top edge of the Farm..

What's the evidence?: All of the 'geography' of the location matches — and the house visible at the end of the garden to the rear of the barn (seen as the young girl flees) is without doubt the main Netherdale Farm house.  

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