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The rocky outcrop

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Frank and Mary
near the top
of their climb
above the

Climbing the hillside above the farm

A scene from
'The Watercress Girl'


The couple near the top of their steep hillside behind Mary's farm. With her father's indulgence, Frank has asked Mary to accompany him on a walk around the area, to admire views of the valley. the first act of 'courtship' on his part.


Comparing the use of the location: In Mad Dog, the 'rocky outcrop' provides a stunning location for the final horseback chase of the episode as Charles flees the three pursuing riders. Shot at a distance, from a camera perched on top of the Monsal viaduct, the image is one of the most iconic of the episode. In The Watercress Girl, the outcrop is seen relatively close-to, as the cast and crew cling on to the steep hillside just below it, to capture the shot. One of the advantages of shooting on film would have been the relatively compact and light-weight film camera unit, not requiring the restrictive 'umbilical' video cable used on Survivors.

More information: For a fuller description of this location, including directions to the site, and information on any access restrictions, see the guide in the Mad Dog Filming Locations section here.  

Mad Dog > Filming Locations > Monsal Dale > 'Watercress Girl'

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