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The ‘bicycle bridge’

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Frannk arrives
at the farm
to ask
Mary to

Climbing the hillside above the farm

A scene from
'The Watercress Girl'


Local woodturner Frank arrives at the farm of the young 'Watercress Girl' Mary to begin his courtship — beginning with a walk around the neighbouring lanes and fields. He cycles along the riverbank, before crossing the bridge and riding through the main gate of the farm into the courtyard.


Comparing the use of the location: In Mad Dog, the 'bicycle bridge' is seen when Charles flees from his hiding place in a barn (at the same farmhouse) and rushes towards it, injured and on foot — although he is not seen to cross it. In The Watercress Girl. the bridge is used in several scenes, and here Gareth Thomas (Frank) is shown as having cycled across it. As explained here, Netherdale Farm is believed to have been used for the filming location for the interiors of Mary and her father's home.

More information: For a fuller description of this location, including directions to the site, and information on any access restrictions, see the guide in the Mad Dog Filming Locations section — here.  

Mad Dog > Filming Locations > Monsal Dale > 'Watercress Girl'

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