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The ‘bicycle road’

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and Mary
pass the
stone barn

Passing the stone barn

A scene from
'The Watercress Girl'


As Frank and Mary continue their 'courtship' walk, they pass by the abandoned stone barn.


Comparing the use of the location: In Mad Dog this roadway is used for two separate sequences — as the hillside down which Charles cycles on the stolen bike (passing the stone hut), and the location of the 'bullet barn' in which Charles tends to his gunshot wound. In Mad Dog the suggestion is that these two locations are a great distance apart. As used in a single scene in The Watercress Girl, the real-life proximity of the two locations is revealed.

More information: For a fuller description of this location, including directions to the site, and information on any access restrictions, see the guide in the Mad Dog Filming Locations section — here.  

Mad Dog > Filming Locations > Monsal Dale > 'Watercress Girl'

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