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The farm footpath

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sets up her

The farm produce stall

A scene from
'The Watercress Girl'


As Frank and Mary row about the direction their relationship should take, she continues at her work setting up the stall of farm produce to sell to those passing the farm.


Comparing the use of the location: In Mad Dog this pathway is seen as Charles exits from the doorway in the top left of the picture and makes his way wounded and on-foot towards the river bridge, passing by the front entrance of the farm. In The Watercress Girl, Netherdale Farm provides one of the central filming locations and is pictured in numerous ways throughout. This, however, is the one view of the farm which appears in both programmes.

More information: For a fuller description of this location, including directions to the site, and information on any access restrictions, see the guide in the Mad Dog Filming Locations section here.  

Mad Dog > Filming Locations > Monsal Dale > 'Watercress Girl'

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