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The most active Survivors websites are listed below. A more comprehensive if now somewhat dated guide to all other existing sites can be found here.

Andy Priestner's superb Survivors resource offers a wealth of information and analysis including a detailed and lavishly illustrated three-series episode guide; character and actor biographies for regular and guest cast members; stories from behind-the-scenes and an introduction to shooting locations from the series.

Mad Dog content: Illustrated episode guide, with dozens of screen-shots; episode review; detailed location information.

Terry Nation's Survivors: Bob Meade

Regularly updated, Bob Meade's site provides a vast repository of Survivors information including many albums' worth of behind-the-scenes and location photography, and a growing library of full- page reproductions from the genre press.

I sopravvissuti (Italian Survivors site)

Luca's effortlessly stylish Italian Survivors site which offers a built-in English-language translation service (from babelfish), studies the series and its impact in Italy (where seasons one and two only were broadcast). Unique on this site are the full-page reproductions of contemporary Survivors articles from the Italian TV and genre press, and a 'streaming' version of the classic title sequence.

Serie TV I Sopravvissuti

An Italian genre TV site which includes a focus on Survivors. Contents include an illustrated three season episode guide, together with an introduction to the themes of the series. Those not fluent in Italian can make use of the translation service provided by babelfish, here.

Mad Dog content: Episode summary with single screen shot of Jim, Sanders and Charles arriving at Fenton's half-way house.



Getting to Mad Dog locations

For information about travelling to the Mad Dog filming locations documented in this site, see here.

Staying locally at or close to Mad Dog locations

For information about accommodation at or close to the Mad Dog filming locations documented in this site, see here


Hampton Loade

Sites with information about the Hampton Loade Severn Valley railway station used as the filming location for the closing sequences of Mad Dog include the following:

Severn Valley Railway

The official website of the Severn Valley Railway includes a brief guide to Hampton Loade, here.

Hampton Loade Station

This site offers a guide to Hampton Loade station, complete with history, photographs and details of forthcoming events. Also includes details on the ongoing station restortation project.

Bob Clews' Railway Pages

Bob Clew's site includes an illustrated guide to the Hampton Loade station, and to the 'Paddock Garden' model Railway' situated in the station grounds.



Eyam Museum

The official Eyam Museum website packed with information about the history of the plague; details of the exhibitions; and details on opening times and museum services.


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