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Inside the ‘bullet barn’

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the knife
in flame

Charles heats his knife and prepares to tend to his wound

"Shall I tell you what will happen?"
Fenton to Charles


Hidden in the shelter of an abandoned barn, Charles prepares to tend to the gunshot wound in his upper harm, heating and sterilising his knife as best he can in the flame of his tiny stove.

at the

Charles flinches at the intense pain

"Typhoid, cholera, more plague"
Fenton to Charles


Description: The barn in which Charles tends to his gunshot wound is situated in the middle of Monsal Dale on the only crossroads in the Monsal section of the valley. The exterior shot, of Charles arriving at the barn, is depicted here.

Where is it?: The barn is located on the crossroads, just across from 'Fenton's house; diagonally opposite Sanders' and Jim's residence; and at the end of the roadway along which Charles cycles and suffers his puncture.

What's the evidence?: The interior of the barn was viewed and photographed by fans during the Mad Dog 2003 location trip — when access to the barn was provided by our hosts at Dean Cottage — and its use as the filming location for the barn interior was confirmed.

Why no pictures?: Fans have agreed that no photographs of privately-owned interior locations used during the filming of Mad Dog should be published without the express permission of the owners concerned — which, in this case, has not been sought.  

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