Survivors series three on DVD

By Rich Cross   Last updated on 26 December 2020, 20:15:05

Survivors' third series now available as a four-disc R2 box-set

An example menu from the Survivors series three DVD release in 2005

 THE THIRD AND final series of Survivors has now been released in a four-disc DVD set. Copies are on sale from the usual online outlets and from discerning high-street outlets.

As with the releases of the previous two series, this set includes a range of special features as well as unedited versions of all twelve episode of series three. These comprise:

  • Episode commentaries on Mad Dog (director Tristan de Vere Cole and actor Morris Perry) and Law of the Jungle (director Peter Jefferies and actress Lucy Fleming)

  • A new documentary feature entitled New World Rising: The Making of Survivors series 3, which includes new on-camera interviews with cast and crew, behind-the-scenes photographs and numerous integrated clips from series three episodes

  • Two photo galleries

  • A full-colour, illustrated Viewing Notes booklet

  • An extra hidden 'Easter egg' feature


Andy Priestner has once again acted as the consultant on the release, written the Viewing Notes companion and directed the New World Rising documentary.

A gallery of photos from the series three DVD studio day is now available.

Survivors series three DVD set full-page advert from SFX December 2005
Full-page series three DVD set advert from SFX December 2005

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