Carolyn Seymour pictured on the cover of her In Conversation release

News and updates

All of the latest news from the world of Survivors, including cast appearances on screen, on audio and on stage, new projects, new archival sources, interviews and other developments.

Hampton Court in Herefordshire, key series one Survivors filming location

Finding locations

Details of the very latest discoveries from across the UK, and news of the continuing search for the remaining filming locations used across three series of the show still to be tracked down.

Carolyn Seymour and Ian McCulloch pictured in first series Survivors episode Starvation

Survivors: The Basics

A one-stop beginner's guide that takes you through every aspect of the Survivors phenomenon, including a three series episode guide and details of TV screenings and VHS and DVD releases.

The cast of the 2008-2010 BBC remake of Survivors

Survivors remake

In 2008, the BBC broadcast a 'reimagining' of Survivors that reset the pandemic in the present day. Find out more about the two series Survivors remake and its journey to the small screen.

A detail from the front cover of the hardback edition of Terry Nation's 1976 Survivors novel

Survivors in print

An exploration of Survivors in print, including Terry Nation's 1976 novelisation, follow-up story Genesis of a Hero by 'John Eyers', guidebooks to the series, and academic studies of the show.

Carolyn Seymour, Ian McCulloch, Lucy Fleming and Neve McIntosh in the Big Finish studio

Survivors: on audio

Audio drama specialists Big Finish launched the first of nine boxsets of new Survivors audio dramas in 2013, set at the time of the 1970s series and featuring original cast members.

Focus on: Pete Wallbank

ILLUSTRATOR AND ARTIST Pete Wallbank designed the covers for the Sovereign Video VHS release of series one of Survivors.

He also completed designs for all six covers for the second series release, which was abandoned shortly before Sovereign went out of business. In an exclusive interview, Pete describes the Sovereign commission, his design brief and discusses his artistic and design processes. He also reflects on the highpoints and low-points of his completed works, and discusses the lessons learnt in the process.

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Recalling the history of Survivors

The next seven days in Survivors

 4 December 201110 years ago
 Location trip The Mad Dog 2011 location trip visited locations at Monsal Dale

 6 December 197447 years ago
 Production Anthony Isaac's Survivors theme music, used for the opening and closing credits of each episode, recorded by a twenty-piece orchestra

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Latest addition:

Detail from the front cover of Survivors: alvation

A detailed review of Survivors: Salvation, the 2021 sequel to the 1977 book Genesis of a Hero

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