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The ‘begging barn’

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The woman
stares at
the lovers,
her baby

The woman stares out from the front of the barn, clutching her baby close

A scene from
'The Watercress Girl'


As Mary and Frank take a stroll together, early on in their 'courtship', they pass a tumbledown barn, occupied by a desperately poor mother and child. At first they walk past, but in response to Mary's concern, Frank turns back and presses something into the woman's hand. Mary is pleased by Frank's act of compassion, but his motives in demonstrating his generosity may not be entirely selfless. She is, however, upset by his hostility towards unmarried mothers. As they walk on, the mother stares after them.


Comparing the use of the location: In Mad Dog the exterior of the barn is only seen from the main Monsal roadway, facing up the hill, as the wall crumbles beneath the wounded Charles. In the The Watercress Girl, the camera follows the characters as they walk past the building — filming from in front of the actors, looking back down the hill towards the main crossroads. In The Watercress Girl the front of the barn and its doors are fully visible, but unlike in Mad Dog the interior of the barn is not used.

More information: For a fuller description of this location, including directions to the site, and information on any access restrictions, see the guide in the Mad Dog Filming Locations section — here (for the exterior) and here (for the interior) of the barn.  

Mad Dog > Filming Locations > Monsal Dale > 'Watercress Girl'

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