New guidebook: Worlds Apart

By Rich Cross   Last updated on 27 December 2020, 11:21:20

Worlds Apart - guidebook to the BBC's 2008-2010 remake of Survivors

Front cover of Worlds Apart

 ONE OF THE standout televisual highlights of recent years, Survivors succeeded in remaining true to the essence of the original series whilst delivering strong characters and storylines, and a hauntingly modern setting.

Starring Julie Graham, Paterson Joseph, Max Beesley and Zoë Tapper, the remake proved to be a series which could be enjoyed both by those coming to the show with no memories or awareness of its predecessor and enthusiasts of Terry Nation’s original.

Out now, this guidebook - though unofficial and unauthorised - serves as a comprehensive guide to the new Survivors and includes:

  • A detailed behind-the-scenes section on the ‘making of’ the new series

  • In-depth synopses and reviews of all of the episodes from Series 1 and 2

  • Cast and crew interview material

  • An exploration of previous attempts to revive Survivors

  • Similarities and differences between the new Survivors and the original series

  • An examination of Terry Nation’s original novel on which the new series is partly based

  • A photographic guide to the first series’s filming locations and exclusive production shots

The book is available to buy online from Classic TV Press.

Amazon reviews

 A great book a must for any fans of series
Worlds Apart: The unofficial and unauthorised guide to the BBC's remake of Survivors by Rich Cross is a great book. Rich Cross takes the reader behind the scenes to look into the making of the show. The writer provides an in depth look in each episodes with both synopses and reviews. Also Mr. Cross takes a look at the original novel by Terry Nation and the first Survivors show that aired on the BBC in 1975. Worlds Apart is a must for any fan of Survivors. Either a new fan or someone who has been watching the show from the beginning can learn something new about this great BBC show.
M. E. Newell (20 June 2010)

 Not quite as good as the first volume
Not quite as good as the first volume, but them the series wasn't as good or as long. Some excellent work though and no one could do it better.
Caracatus (1 July 2015)

 What a great series
Wonderful actors, perfect location and lots, lots of action, never a dull moment. I'm a fan of The Walking Dead, and Survivors is like it just with a different kind of threat... I hope we get a part 3, too much not resolved in this series to be over now, bring it back.
Adeline Casta (25 March 2014)

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Terry Nation's Survivors

 Survivors is a 38-episode, three series British post-apocalyptic TV series, created by Terry Nation, and first shown on BBC 1 between 1975 and 1977

 Two Survivors novel were published in the UK, USA and Italy in the seventies: Terry Nation's part-novelisation of the first TV series Survivors was published in 1976; with John Eyers' original follow-up Genesis of a Hero appearing the following year

 A 12-episode, two series remake of Survivors was broadcast on BBC One between 2008 and 2010

 A 36-episode, nine series run of new and original Survivors audio adventures, set in the time and place of the original programme, were released by Big Finish between 2014 and 2019

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